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Loud facilities

Given that in everyday life there are many machines that in addition to the annoying noise and vibration they generate, they cause much stress to the buildings they are situated in. Graflex has responded to the potentially damaging effects of engine rooms, generators, transformers, extractor fans and boilers.

By using our Elastomer and Anti-impact flooring, we create solutions for walls and ceilings combined with other elements such as plasterboard panels and absorbent materials to achieve the optimum level of acoustic isolation.   

To avoid vibration issues, in shared floors and for machine mountings we have developed special high density sheets that have been tested specifically for these activities. Denser coats of elastomer also can be applied for effectively sealing gaps.


Within the building sector, we encompass the whole spectrum of types of buildings: residential, cultural, educational, industrial, commercial, health, social and public administration buildings.

Throughout the long period of the last crisis, this sector focused on residential construction, which has been thriving in recent months. In regard to this, both the new houses being built, and the previously unsold properties must meet the current regulations.

Also, Graflex has developed a range of quality anti-impact sheeting, which can be placed directly on concrete floors and once joints have been sealed and acoustic skirting has been fitted, a concrete screed can be poured, allowing finished products such as laminate wood floors, carpet, melamine, linoleum flooring, marble etc. to be laid.


These days noise in hotels has become the main factor influencing the online reputation of a hotel, and is undoubtedly one of the most important variables hotel chains need to consider. This is because guests are increasingly demanding as far as the quality of rest they get is concerned.

We at Graflex offer a wide range of products that are designed and manufactured to ensure the complete solution for soundproofing any hotel room, regardless of its´ use or characteristics.

One of the most effective solutions is Graflex ACM elastomers. It is used to create a membrane between sheets of plasterboard and / or rock wool and can adhere to any clean, firm and even surface, improving insulation by over 15 decibels, and has been tested and accredited in tests performed at the most renowned European laboratory.

To improve noise impact on floors we have a wide range of anti-impact flooring surfaces with different densities and thicknesses, depending on its ‘intended use, all have been tested and certified by prestigious European laboratories.

If your hotel has a gym, we can offer high-tech sports floors, specially designed for more intense activity, which will minimize the impact of any noise in adjoining rooms, and come in a wide range of colours and finishes.


We can help the whole range of leisure locations: sports facilities -gyms, swimming pools, sports courts ... etc.), as well as supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, clubs, cinemas, theaters, childrens´ dedicated play areas, as well as libraries, etc. and those public places that generate noise activity itself (with or without music).

In the majority of cases, one of the great problems of noise which we face comes from the impact generated by the activity itself.

Our wide range of products fit the different needs depending on the type of noise. That is why we developed Durasafe for gyms (power zone).

Our Duraflex flooring is exceptional for cardio fitness areas. Our floors are certified and tested for intense activity facilitating the exercise and avoiding injury issues.

Another application is the elimination of vibration caused by the many varied cardiovascular machines.

In addition to the previously mentioned activities, it is worth mentioning that our flooring is certified for heavy vehicles and therefore suitable for loading and unloading areas, which is ideal for the logistics sector.

In other activities, combined solutions for roofs and walls using the acoustic Graflerock system, that generate benefits of over 15dB, and our Graflex M-ACM elastomer 200, that gives over 7dB  improvement should be used, to get the maximum effect.

However, an acoustic study is always recommended to ensure what the right product for your project is, with the qualified advice of a Acoustic Engineer or consultant, who will provide all the necessary information for you to develop your project successfully.

Services in Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba, Huelva, Jaen, Almeria, Cadiz, among other provinces.

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